Bakony Technical Ceramics Ltd.

Bakony Technical Ceramics Ltd. has got more than two decades’ experience in serial production of high-purity alumina-oxid industrial ceramic products.

The high quality technical ceramic parts produced in our company are applicable in various branches of industry.

Our products are manufactured to comply with all the requirements of our customers.

Development is very important for us, thus we are ready to cooperate with our partners to develop new products in order to find the best solution.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers at a higher level, we have been operating our manufacturing technology in compliance with the standard ISO 9001 since 1995.

Our main profile is the serial production of ceramic products, since we have a large production capacity, but we are ready to manufacture products in smaller numbers, too.

Our slogan is: We have two aims: quality and the contentment of our customers.

Please let us know your demands on ceramic products!

Ceramics Expo 2016.

Bakony Technical Ceramics Ltd. is taking part in the Show Ceramics Expo 2016 held in Cleveland, USA on April 26-28th.

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Bakony Technical Ceramics Ltd.

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