Paper industry

Ceramics in the paper industry: ceramic segments and entire dewatering elements

Application: the segments are used in the paper industry as components of dewatering elements.

Features: extreme wear resistance and hardness, excellent surface roughness, which ensures long service life.

Material: 96-98% Alumina

Ceramic datasheets:
• B96 (download)
• B98 (download)

Ceramics in the paper industry: ceramic segments and entire dewatering elements.

Bakony Dewatering Systems

Dewatering Solutions

Bakony can supply full set of dewatering elements for the pulp and paper industry: Foils, covers, boxes in Stainless Steel, water separators, automatic valves and complete service of installation.

Bakony engineers are able to give the best solutions for each kind of customers in order to obtain the best performance from their machines, for pulp, paper, cardboard and tissue products.

Bakony can supply the complete boxes, on its own design and on customer demand:

  • Forming Board
  • Hydrofoils
  • Single foils
  • Vacufoils
  • Single suction boxes
  • Bivac
  • Trivac
  • Felt Suction boxes

Materials available: HDPE, HDPE with ceramic additives, Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride

Table vacuum control system

Initial zone

This zone, being exposed to the most severe load conditions, requires extreme wear resistance as well as high-quality surface finish.

Proper angles are studied to guarantee the best dewatering performances; as consistency increase along the machine, angles become greater to maintain the best dewatering performances.

• Forming Board

Formation zone

With appropriate arrangement and geometrically defined workspaces can dewatering foils bring the dewatering diagram close to that theoretically required, while high wear resistance of the ceramic elements guarantee to maintain the specified parameters even for several years, which of course justify their use.

Reduced coefficient of friction, extended service life, the possibility of higher operating speeds, elimination of

unnecessary adjustments and minimized maintenance requirements are direct elements of production economy.

• Hydrofoils

• MPD units

Low vacuum zone

This area is important to have a stable waterline. The application of a low vacuum (max 1 mt WC), generally supplied by a fan, help to remove the amount of water that simple blades can’t do just with gravity force.

After this area the formation of the sheet is complete, and there is only need to remove as much water as possible.

• Vacufoils

• Enervac

• Duoflow

High vacuum zone

These boxes are necessary to increase the dryness as much as possible (up to 20-21%) before the couch roll. Vacuum is applied through pumps up to a limit of 4-5 mt of WC.

This is the only area on the fourdrinier where alternative materials to the Aluminium Oxide can be applied (usually Silicon Nitride)

• Single suction box
• Bivac
• Trivac
• Transfer box


Bakony engineers have the full knowledge to make all necessary calculation to develop and improve all kind of customer’s fourdrinier.

Vacuum requirement, air flow, sizing of pumps, energy absorption are just some of the parameters which can influence the decision to install ceramic materials.

Bakony is able to support customers in this decision and to prove why the installation of particular boxes having the right specification is the key to improve the productivity and to reduce the costs in term of energy consumption.


Bakony is able to regrind all kinds of ceramic elements in the fourdrinier and felt conditioning boxes up to a maximum length of 10 m and a maximum width of 1,2 m.

As a further service Bakony is able to repair all the existing ceramics being available on the market: IBS, Leripa, Johnson, GL&V, Huyck and Corbellini.

The modification of the relevant boxes in SS is included in the

service, in order to provide customers a wide range of solutions to reduce costs and investments as well as to propose to the customer an alternative solution to the replacement with new ceramic elements.

Quality and guarantee

Our company is quality certified (ISO 9001:2008) Products have 2 years guarantee against all possible quality defect.

Solution provider of paper mills and OEM’s

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