The defined goal of our enterprise is customer satisfaction

In addition to compliance with specified produc tcharacteristics, delivery dates, customer service and support in solving customer-specific problems have the same value for us.

Quality management constitutes a process supported by the company’s management, extending systematically on all are as across the enterprise.

Our ultimate goal is to prevent errors. This is accomplished by motivated and trained employees.

All company-wide, organizational and methodical measures for planning, control and verification of the quality are based on ISO 9001, recorded in management manual and adopted by our top management.

All manager ensure the application of quality as surance actions valid within their areas, monitor their effectiveness and adjust them if necessary according to their latest knowledge and requirements. It is self-evident for all staff members to accomplish the quality requirements of operations and products compliant with their range of duty.

Through continuous improvement of all processes and activities, we assure the capital of the company. This is an important basis for secure jobs and investment funds.

The constant quality control during manufacturing is the guarantee for the good quality and for the satisfaction of our customers. We possess special measuring instruments to measure various characteristics of our products.

Our instrument capacity is the following:

  • Zeiss Rondcom 41C form measuring equipment
  • Vertex 220 3D measuring equipment
  • Malvern Mastersize 2000 laser particle analyzer
  • Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 portable surface roughness tester
  • Alpha Inverz microscope and Colim picture analyzer programme
  • Starrett HE400 measuring projector with QC 200 evaluating computer
  • Mitutoyo altimeter
  • Mitutoyo flatness meter
  • durometer

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